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The Best Strategies Behind Defending As A Team

For a team to achieve success, they cannot just focus on putting the ball in the back of the net. BUT in order find that success, a group must be willing to do the dirty work and defend. If you were to ask somebody how to win a match, the easy answer would be: score more goals to win. However, it would be ridiculous not to counter that approach by saying that you cannot lose a match without conceding a goal as well.

There are multiple strategies for defending in soccer, but all of them can be linked back to the basics of  cover, pressure, and balance. These terms are the positions that soccer defenders take whenever an opponent is on the ball. If your team wants to become a better defensive unit, take these Soccer Awards tips and suggestions to heart. The defender closest to the ball provides pressure, The second defender provides cover in case the first defender is beaten one-on-one. The third defender provides balance for the defensive back line. The third defender should be ready to step up as the new second defender if the first defender is beaten!

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Communication Is Key
Without communication, team defense is next to impossible. If defenders aren’t on the same page, then there will be a malfunction and the opposing team will advance towards your defeat. For example, the first defender runs to meet the attacker with the ball, he should yell: “I got pressure!” Then, the second defender should move into position behind the first defender, favoring one side. If the second defender says, “I got cover on the left,” the first defender knows to force the attacker to his left and towards his support. Even if the attacker beats him, his teammate will be there to help.

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